If you've done any digging into the best exercise regimens over the past few years or explored what the highest trained athletes are doing to improve their performance, you've probably noticed recovery has become a major part of the conversation. Not spending hours reading fitness articles? This may be closer to home.... If you're wondering whether the two Advil it takes to get out of bed the morning after a tennis match should be upped to three, you may have a recovery question on your hands.

CHILL, the recovery room at Athletic, is open for use free of charge for Athletic and All Access members. The space is home to two HydroMassage chairs, two sets of Normatec compression boots, two percussion massagers and rolling equipment to help you recover from your active lifestyle.

If you have issues or questions about how to operate the equipment, please check with a Desk staff member for help. If you would like to know more about recovery, Lisa Cooper, our Fitness Director, will be happy to give guidance. As for usage, please familiarize yourself with the rules below before using the room for the first time.

Rules of the Room