DUPR Platinum Ticket Local Waterfall

The DUPR Waterfall features a new and innovative format that offers players four (4) competitive matches all within a four-hour period. This revolutionary, amateur-only event will be like none other. The winning team of each bracket will receive one Platinum Ticket to the 2023 DUPR Waterfall Nationals. The entry fee is free to Platinum Ticket winners to go to Nationals.


Participants can play with a partner of any age and/or gender. The common denominator? Play will be competitive, level-based, and DUPR-neutral across demographics.


4 schedules matches in a 4 hour time frame (best 2 out of 3 games to 11) per bracket whether players win or lose.


All players must have a DUPR of 5.0 or less because the DUPR Waterfall guarantees DUPR-neutral play. Players with a DUPR rating higher than the maximum number in that bracket cannot play down. Players are permitted to play in a higher DUPR rated bracket if their DUPR rating is lower than the bracket's minimum rating. The tournament director will have final approval on tournament admission. Please contact Jerry Weigle if you have any questions.

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Please note, you must have a DUPR account to register for this event.