Jessica Burnham

Jessica Burnham

About Jessica

Strong side: Devoted, is what I value to strive for as a trainer. Social, I think, I love talking to people so feel free to stop me and say hello.

Soft side: Compassion and I love to have fun. Laughter is the best!

Fun side: I like to mix things up. I love a little competition. Since I grew up in sports, I just really enjoy games and fitness with others.

Secret side: I bake sourdough bread, absolutely love cooking and feeding people. I also sew and paint/draw.

Proof that she's just like you: I love Netflix! There’s nothing better than a good binge worthy show and some junk food. In moderation!

Go to trainer tip: Consistency is key. Show up and do your best and forget the rest. Find joy in being uncomfortable, never be ashamed to ask for help or advise.

Education and certifications: I joined the military and was certified in fitness training testing and military personal training for the U.S. Air Force. Active duty job was in fitness centers. AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, current Level 2 CrossFit Coach with speciality in CrossFit gymnastics instruction. Booty Barre(pilates/ballet/aerobic class) certified.

Jessica's fees: See training tier 2

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